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said. >> overwhelming response to something that is so basic and so minor 2 dollar fare.
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>> police move in as protestors push cops to the edge of their patience tonight. good evenin evening. protestors demonstrating against the fatal somewhating by police of a parolee in the bay view district. police making arrest this evening. let's go straight to john live at fourth and market for the very latest on this. john? >>reporter: well, dan, police still mopping up the situation at market and fourth. about at last count nearly 3 dozen arrests. now the situation came to a head about an hour ago. a noisey show down between police in riot gear and demonstrators on powell street right near the cable car turn around. demonstrators many of them wearing and order them to get out of the street. eventually those protestors more than a dozen or so sat down on the sidewalk and were eventually arrested and several males away at dolores park more
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than 100 marchers first went to the castro district where police say the bank of america branch also vandalizing the muni station throwing some smoke bomb down the stairs. this all started as protest to the situation and police shot and killed a man in the muni district. them to stop criminalizing the youth doing fare inspection and when they chase him down because he didn't have the transfer. >>reporter: of course police have a different story. they say the man pulled a weapon on them first and fired first. now tonight the protestors also stopped in front of the mission police station. officers threw a hammer. paint bomb. also a smoke bomb and a flare at the police station. officers in riot gear on the sidewalk keeping watch. no officers were hurt. as of 8:00 p.m.
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metro stops along market are open but here on market street powell and the civic center bart station are still closed so this was part of the day ought ick situation you are seeing right now that was on valencia and mission district where protestors at that point close to 100 stopped and hurled profanity and were shouting at police in riot gear in front of their mission police district. the 35 or so people who have been arrested have been charged with failure to obey the order to disburse but as we say about a black or so away officers are still mopping up after argue those protestors on powell street between ellis and market. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. john as you know tomorrow there is a community meeting with the police chief and other law enforcement officers with people in the community. are you hearing anything about that tonight and what they expect to come from that? >> we have not heard that. this is pretty much centered on this protest. in fact a lot of the people behind this protest
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were the same people who shut down the bart station short time ago in protest of the fatal shooting by bart officers of the man on the civic center platform. a lot of those same people were here tonight as well as some people who i recognize covering stories in the bay view district over the weekend. >> okay john thanks very much. john reporting live in the cit city. community meeting tomorrow that the police chief is going to hold to discuss what happened in the bay view. something else to know. police today yesterday they release video and audio evidence they say proves that this man that they shot had a weapon on him. today they said that they found some sort of gun residue on his hand which they say either proves he fired a gun or was in close proximity to a weapon that had been fired. story continues to the evolve. mean time. oakland police are questioning 2 men in connection with the death of william found burning in a rock bridge neighborhood last week. viewer sent us these pictures by you report. suspect took off when investigators tried to stop them on mcarthur boulevard
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this afternoon. police caught up with them at this school. second man in an empty lot nearby. about one was found open the street early thursday morning. police say the union city resident appeared to have been beaten before her body was burned. >> if he was trying to help a friend deal with violent threats from annex boyfriend but when off duty sheriff's deputy jim shoypd at that friend house on the out skirt of petaluma he was shot and killed. as mark matthews explains, the gunman had a criminal record for threatening people and sent a test to the girl yesterday threatening to kill her family. >> 28-year-old thomas haller frightened the girl and her family to the point they called on a friend. sheriff's deputy jim mathison. mathison came to the house to try and calm the situation but 20 minute after he arrived, the ex boyfriend showed up carrying a gun. >> mathison went outside to calm down the suspect as he approached the house. at that time the suspect shot mathison
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twice in the upper torso. killing him at the scene. >>reporter: investigators say haller then grabbed his former girlfriend's mother in an attempt to take her hostage. the girl's brother grabbed the gun of his own. >> he then went around to the outside in the garage area where the mother was seen forced into a vehicle and shot the suspect twice once in the lower extremity the leg. >>reporter: one shot to the head killing haller. both the 28-year-old suspect and the sheriffs deputy who had come to help a friend were dead when sheriff's deputies arrived at the house. mathison was a 9 year veteran of the marin county sheriff's department. before that had he worked as a contract or, surveyed bay which have and 2 grown sons. investigators say that haller had a long rap sheet in both sonoma and marin counties. he had done 8 ms behind bars for threatening other people. he had restraining orders against him for another former
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girlfriend and an ex-wife. sheriff's investigators say that jim mathison's death is murder. it was tragedy they are calling haller death justifiable homicide. they are not releasing any information about the girl's brother. young man who did the shooting who killed haller, they say, that haller may have had gang ties. they are investigating that possibility. they don't want to release any information for fear of retaliation. reporting just outside petalum petaluma, abc 7 news. national park ranger in yosemite have ended the search for the night after reports that 1 or maybe more hikers had been swept over the falls near yosemite valley. park service received several calls from witnesses who reported seeing at least one person tumble over the falls 300 feet. trails in the area have been closed during the search. 3 weaks ago 2 men were swept to their death trying to cross a bridge swollen with floodwater in yosemite.
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62-year-old wind surfer plucked out of san francisco bay today after spending 13 hours in the water. coast guard rescue video showwoman hos morning. kathy is resting comfortably now at her home in los altos. vick lee has more on this happy ending. fichlt kind of really tired and still a little cold and kind of weak but many she feels okay. >>reporter: that after spending 13 hours after the sail snapped off her board. >> the concern is it is getting dark and running against the clock. >>reporter: dr. steven hammond was worried. his wife kathy went wind surfing at 5 in the evening. it was now after 6. she still was not back. >> you know i had been looking with by knock you lar and i saw nothing. >>reporter: he called 911. police and fire responded. the coast guard launched helicopters and boats. they searched through the night. 82
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square miles from coyote point to the san mateo bridge. the water temperature was relatively warm 72 degrees. and she wore a flotation device on top of her wetsuit. hammond says one coast guard boat came within 50 feet of his wife. >> she was yelling and i guess she was lifting the board up to get their attention. >>reporter: but it was dark. waves were choppy. and emergency gear had failed. >> radio failed. the strobe failed. my waive failed to realize she had a whistle and could have whistled and they would have heard her. >>reporter: at first light around 6:00 a.m. a coast guard chopper saw something north of the bridge. >> we saw the board first but didn't necessarily see that she was still clinging to it. she was floating draped over the board. that was another key to survival right the flotation. >>reporter: petty officer was lowered into the water to pick up the woman. >> i just told her we had been looking for her all night she said i know. asked intershe was okay yes i'm just ready to get home.
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>>reporter: on shore his nerv nerves spent, hammond heard the sweetest words over the marine radio. >> all clear. so that was very good. it was a good moment. >>reporter: kate has been wind surfing for 15 years. she never thought she would last her sail. >> she said her sail failed in the middle of her outing and she was unable to piece it back together. >>reporter: at one point he says his wife actually thought about swimming to shore she figured it would be about a two hour swim but the water were his just too choppy even for her to paddle back. it was also worried about his wife's strength. she ace cancer survivor who is going through chemotherapy. we asked him when he came out here a little while ago if he thought she would ever go back to wind sur surfing. he said absolutely. after a couple of day's rest. this is 7 news. she will be back in action. well established east bay contractor out of business but not before cashing all of the homeowner insurance checks and
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leaving them with the work undone. so what recourse to do the homeowners have. here's heather. >> tarp covers unfinished repair on the rav of paul and pay berkeley home. large pine tree fell on it in january of last year. they lived in one room of the house with their 4 young girls until that august when they moved out for vander built construction to begin repair. they lived in hotel with family and friends ever since. >> vand dear built was recommended by farmers. >>reporter: but now the company is bankrupt. the work is far from completed and all of the insurance company 72,000 dollars is gone. farmer issued 3 checks made out to chang and mortgage bank wells fargo o. chang says farmer explained how to handle the check. >> the instructions were to endorse them and then hand them over to the contractor who would know what to do. >>reporter: he cashed them at fremont bank. and because of the bankruptcy chang has no way to recover the money. he had
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back verge last we can but plans to complete work himself. borrowing from his 401(k) to pay for it. >> shouldn't have allowed the checks to be cashed because cash by third party. i just feel like in the lurch, you know. my insurance company has abandoned me. >>reporter: michelle is in the same situation but with even more money l. >> i it this is about 330,000. it is pretty disgusting okay. it's pretty horrible. >>reporter: her jewelry business and 2 apartments were in this oakland building heavily damaged by electrical fire year ago. hartford recommended the company and issued 2 check. one for more than 2 59,000 dollars made out to her and her mortgage bank where she planned set up an escrow account. but she says the company objected. >> they said no. no. it's really hard to do it that wait a minute just sign it over to us and we'll take care of it. i said i mean, so far hi
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trusted these guys. >>reporter: she says there's more than would00,000 dollars worth of work left on her building. >> i have to sue everybody but do you think this is what i want to do? i mean really? >>reporter: we were unable to reach owner mike and his attorney in fremont bank also did not return our calls. both the chang and she say they have reason to believe he was taking their insurance money to cover costs than old jobs rather than the intended jobs. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. l being called political ka buick i. house aparagraphs balance budget bill. why it may have no impact on the debt ceiling crisis. >> what it house takes another step in support of gay rights. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center where we have a big warm-up tomorrow.i'll show you how high the temperatures will sore in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks. faster internet speed. better phone service and improved cable that's the promise. so did one bay area
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>> republican controlled house passion add bill this evening to cut federal spending by 6 trillion i don't know dollars. that's despite a promise from president obama to veto the bill that also increases the government debt ceiling. tonight vote on capitol hill comes as bipartisan group of senators presented its own pla plan. it calls for cutting 4 trillion in spending over the next 10 years coupled with increasing revenue by eliminating many popular income tax deduction. president obama welcome the idea but he has not yet endorsed it. >> what it says is we have got to be serious about reducing discretionary spending. both until domestic spending and defense. we have got to be
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serious about tackling health care spending. >> gop plan includes measures to have entitlement program and constitutional balance budget amend. >> he gets his increase in the debt limit. 2.4 trillion dollars. what we get are real cuts in spending. and real reforms in place that will make sure that this problem never, ever happens again. >>reporter: government will default on the debt on august the 2nd unless it raises the debt ceiling. wall street clearly sense that go there's a compromise in the works. there has been progress today. stock began to rally as soon as the white house announce the president would be making remarks dow shot up 1%. finish the day with two00 point gain. nasdaq up more than 60 and the s&p 500 rose 21. we'll see what tomorrow brings. white house today came out in support of a bill that would over turn the federal defense marriage act that allows man and woman to get married. california senior
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senator feinstein has sponsored a bill to repeal the law. tomorrow she and other members of the senate judiciary committee will hear from married same sex couple who believe in discrimination against them. >> i want to assure you that this is not a cause which we are going to drop. we are not faint heart about this. if we don't succeed this session we will try again next session. we will continue this effort until the battle is won. >> in a statement republican house speaker boehner says the conditions substitution at of the law is determined by the courts rather than by a unilateral action by the obama administration. statement from john boehner. >> l any way let's move on now to the weather forecast. spencer is here and middle part of the week things warm-up a bit. >> they are indeed for a couple days. nice and toasty. even along the coast it is quite mild. live view from our high
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definition mount tam camera on the bay. mainly mostly clear night. around the bay area. couple little patches of coastal fog still hanging around but will not be hear tomorrow morning as we expect sunny skies from early morning to evening tomorrow night. right now looking at temperatures many -- fly flew by here that's how warm in the studio. fly just buzzed me. 77 degrees writ now in antioch. 75 in concord. 71 in fremont. 74 redwood city. 60 here in san francisco. if to the highlights. patchy coastal fog with news some spots tonight but should be gone mostly by tomorrow. big warm-up tomorrow especially in the inland area and cooling trend comes in starts at the end of the week. now the satellite radar composite image shows upper level low departing pushing inland in the huge ridge of high pressure beginning to build in that will bring us much warmer weather tomorrow and of course clockwise circulation around the area of high pressure will serve to sweep the coastal clouds away by dawn tomorrow. so forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight
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and a little bit of fog coastal fog mainly to our south see how it gets swept away and there could be a spot or 2 of it hanging around tomorrow. maybe around half moon bay but shouldn't be there all day. high pressure tomorrow range from upper 60's to almost 70 on the coast. 70's to 80's around the bay. mid 90's moving towards upper 90's inland in some location. over nature tonight with mainly mostly clear skies. still kuwait mild. low temperature drop only to the mid upper 50's to low to mid 60's in the inland east bay so very, very mild overnight. but then very, very warm tomorrow. sunny skies in the south bay. high pressure will range from mid to upper 80's. 86 at san jose. 87 campbell. 89 at los gatos. on the peninsula warm day as well with high ranging from 76 to 82 and 85 at los altos. 68 at pacifica and 70 at half machine bay. so coast will indeed be nice and mild. 69 degrees in the sun set district of san francisco tomorrow with 73 downtown. 74 in south san
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francisco. up in the north bay lots of upper 80's. san rafael novato petaluma and napa and then low 90's over the remainder of the north bay. 91 at sonoma 92 at calistoga 92 at clover dale. nearest bay community will see high ranging from mid 70's to low 80's. 78 at oakland. 79 hayward. 81 at newark. 83 castro vaechlt inland east bay will be the warmest region of the bay area tomorrow with high in the mid 90's at fairfield, concord, pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood and interupon the ray bay look for high of 80 in santa cruz. 72 monterey and inland area in the 90's. 95 at gilroy. 94 in morgan hill. here's alaska weather 7 day forecast two days like that. just slightly less warm on thursday. then the cal down starts on friday and 2 coolest days in the forecast period will be sunday and monday within land high those 2 days in the low 80's. low 70's around the bay and just upper 50's on the coast. this is a 7 day stretch. >> really lovely weather.
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>> we will enjoyment you trust me right. >> do i. >> this fly in the studio. i think he's gone now. >> all right well coming up here. distracted walking as we continue. we talk ticket for texting on foot. we have that story. >> plus there is a reason they call it devil slide. once ahead of schedule tunnel project delayed by at least a ahead of schedule tunnel project delayed by at least a year. news at 9:00 continues. 
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>> extraordinary numbers coming from the headquarters of apple tonight. company issued its third quarter financial results today and in the past three months apple has sold 20 million i phones. that's 142 percent increase. 9 million i
9:25 pm
pad. 183 percent increase. and 4 million mack up 14 percent. bottom line apple took in 28 billion dollars and made 7 billion in profit. company best quarter of. apple stock shot up 18 dollars to nearly 400 dollars a share in after hours trading following today announcement. >> cell phone company will have to start giving customers in san francisco more information about the possible danger of radiation. this afternoon the board of supervisors passed a law that requires cell phone make investigators include fact sheets warning people about the amount of radiation each hand set emits. supporters believe there is enough evidence now with link to brain damage to make the warnings worthwhile. cell phone industry association says scientific data simply does not justify this. industry released a statement saying quote this ordinance miss ladies consumers by creating negative perception of a product that already complies with federal standards. >> and mainly victory for at&t
9:26 pm
in san francisco tonight. board of supervisors approved the utility plan to install hundreds of 4 foot tall boxes all over the city. opponent complain that those boxes are eye sores. the story tonight from carolyn tyler. >> do you want faster internet speed? better phone service? improved cable? at&t says the answers liethese r a 3 year battle the company will be allowed to place hundreds on city sidewalks and public spaces. >> we have a number of applications in the hospitaler, if you will, and including one cabinet that has already been built that was waiting to turn on until we got the go ahead today. so we'll be looking to bring this out beginning very quickly to san francisco residents and building out over the next couple years. >>reporter: board of supervisors decided today that at&t does not need an environmental impact review to upgrade the tell communication network. and so at&t will
9:27 pm
begin with an initial roll out of 495 boxes building to more than 700. that is obscene for opponent including neighborhood groups and environmental organizations. they say the boxes are a blight that will clutter the landscape and become magnet for graffiti. >> it is going to put the blight of 7 26 l utility box on the street. utility box from his at&t are ugly. in most instance west still believe that they are unnecessary. they should be on private property. >>reporter: he satisfies lawsuit is not on the agenda though opponent hope to come up with more compromise from at&t. the company has said if a supervisor or a neighborhood adamantly opposes the installation, the boxes won't go in. but work will begin immediately in some areas. >> this decision means we are finally able to bring competition and choice to the rest dents of san francisco. >>reporter: so comcast will now have some competition.
9:28 pm
at&t will manufacture forward immediately. the opponent are saying that they may take this to the ballot. in san francisco, at city hall, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. when we continues tonight. dramatic escape of the world top terrorist. plus shock appalled ashamed. media mogul murdoch takes the stand in the phone hacking scandal. fichlt oh. oh. >>reporter: while his wife plays the role of body guard. >> plus the 7 steps you can take now to keep alzheimer's disease at bay. another half hour of news begins here in disease at bay. another half hour of news begins here in just a moment. stay with
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>> good evening once again. here's a look at some of the headlines that we are following for you tonight. 150 protestors march through san francisco-tonight demonstrating against fatal police shooting of parolee. muni service disrupted building vandalize. 35 people arrested. marin county sheriff's deputy was killed tg to help a woman in domestic dispute in petaluma early this morning. her ex boyfriend went to the house and threatened her and her family. the ex boyfriend shot and killed the off duty deputy when he tried to intervene. someone in the house then fatalally shot the ex boyfriend. >> woman is safe at home this evening getting some rest after spending 13 hours in san francisco bay. sail of her wind surfboard broke off last nature. rest occurs found her at 6:00 a.m. this morning near the san mateo bridge. she's okay. headlines. rupert murdoch called it one of the most humble day of his life. 80-year-old corporate titan testified today in front of a british parliament board about the scandal threatening to bring down his media empire. at one
9:32 pm
point a blunt question followed by a defensive answer. listen. >> this terrible they think happened on your watch mr. murdoch. have you considered resigning. >> no. >> why not. >> because i feel in that people i trusted if won't say who i don't know what level let me down and i think they behaved disgracefully betrayed the company and me and it is for them to pay. i think that frankly l i'm the best person to clean this up. >>reporter: that was just the beginning of the drama. pl jeffrey kaufman has more. >> james murdoch was about to answer a question when suddenly on the left it was so fast it was hard to see what happened. but look again. slowly. man with the paper plate covered in shaving cream takes aim at rupert murdoch muttering you greedy billionaire. woman in
9:33 pm
pink, murdoch 42-year-old wife slaps the assailant who falls backward. man self described comic was arrested. >> get back. >>reporter: this is a day murdoch and his son did not want to see. they were summoned to answer questions from politician about the scandal that has rocked this country. the allegations of wide spread criminal activity by reporters at murdoch now shut erred tabloid the news of the world. in a coverup involving politicians and the police. listen to this from a man intimate for his rut ruthlessness and arrogance. >> this is the most humble day of my life. >>reporter: there they were in matching suits shirt and tie the patriarch and heir apparent of world mightiest business dynasty. murdoch born in australia age 80. american citizen preside over global empire with 33 billion dollars in revenue. father of 6 children from 3 marriages l
9:34 pm
he's the boss but the buck does in the stop with him. he is not planning to step aside. >> because i feel in that people i trusted, betrayed the company and me and it is for them to pay. i think that frankly him if i'm the best person to clean this up. >>reporter: at his side james. born in london. age 38. an american citizen. if runs company open inflammation europe and asian a.when younger he was a family rebel. now if he can hold on he will take over from his dad. >> if i knew then what we know now we would have taken more action around that and moved faster to get to the bottom of these allegations. >>reporter: it was squlims did most of the talking come to his father aid as he stumbled. what about the woman who saved her husband from humiliation. she is wendy born in china 4 years older than her step sochbility american citizen. she became murdoch third and fiercely loyal wife in 1999. the other thing that we heard
9:35 pm
over and over from murdoch father and son was that they simply didn't know what was going on at the news of the world. they had no idea of the alleged wide spread criminal at that has now come out. they insist had they known they would have moved long ago to stop it. this is abc news london. move next to 2 dangerous terrorists about to join force forces. u.s. officials tell abc news tonight that top al qaeda leader p.m. and american born terror leader pl will soon announce what amounts to a terrorist merger. joint target reportedly american site abroad. easier to hit than ones here at home. meanwhile we are learning about a near miss taking out one of those men days after the kill of osama bin laden. that story tonight from martha circuits is here on these dangerous streets where over the years we have watched al qaeda flourish. and beating them the terrorist
9:36 pm
officials say is the most likely to launch the next successful attack against americans. last may u.s. officials tell abc news that the u.s. military l dispatched carrier jet, predator drone and special operation aircraft to follow a pickup truck in which he was a passenger. but t mission would be marred by what an official described as series of errors. crew tracking him were unable to keep the laser that guides the weapon homed in on the moving truck. the first missile came from the special operation aircraft. it missed. that gave the man a time to call additional operatives for help. more missiles fired from the predator. huge fire ball engulfed the truck but u.s. military trackers sat stunned as they watched the truck drive right out of the fire ball to
9:37 pm
safety. the aircraft tried to keep tracking the man but between the cloud cover and confusion in the air, the man managed to switch vehicles. when the u.s. financially did get the original truck after tlel failed missile strikes, 2 of his operatives were killed but he disappeared. still, the no. 1 target. this is abc new news, washington. >> back hear at home. devil slide tunnel project is now at least a year behind schedule. cal-trans says crew working on the 2 tunnel at devil slide have encountered soil movement that requires extra reinforcement work. that pushes completion date to at least the end of 20 twechlt also naturally push up the cost of the 350 million dollar project. cal-trans was hoping to have the tunnel completed by the end of this year the. work began in 2007. tl health news. there is new study out tonight about alzheimer's from researcher at the university of california.
9:38 pm
at this time suggests that our lifestyle may actually influence whether we get this disease later in life. here's if laura with more. >> former mechanical engineer mark van is physically well. mentally he's 6 years into a ferocious battle with early onset alzheimer's. him if mark van is 61. >> it's getting harder. every day. if he's for getting more and more. >> people ask me for if something or feed something if most of the time i can't help them because i have my own issues. >>reporter: according to a new study by university of california researcher deborah bar how we live today may heavily influence whether we get alzheimer's later in life. >> the findings from dr. barns
9:39 pm
study essentially indicates that from these major risk factors that perhaps we can actually tl participate in our ability to reduce our risk of alzheimer's disease. >>reporter: risk factor are low education, smoke, physical inactivity, depression, mid life hyper tension and obesity and diabetes. >> whenwas diagnosed with alzheimer's we went through very big depression stage. >>reporter: 27-year-old molly has already made some important changes. >> exercise. eating healthy. staying active. socially. physically. >>reporter: the couple don't know whether genetic lifestyle or some combination led to mark's diagnosis. but they are hopeful other families will learn from their experience. >> to make the country very much aware that there is this horrible disease. and it affects young people. not just old. if. >>reporter: in walnut creek,
9:40 pm
abc 7 news. pl as we continue here tonight on the news at 9:00. bay area surgeon use 3d technology to make custom replacement parts for your bod body. tonight how it is improving the healing prosecute says. >> plus the toilet is broken but not because it won't flush. couple. bill gates and his next technology target.i'll be couple. bill gates and his next technology target.i'll be back. 
9:41 pm
verizon claims its 4g lte is twice a as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution.
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>> after reinventing computers microsoft tycoon turned philanthropist bill gates turning his attention to the toilet. it's in need of major overhaul. gates says 2 and a half billion people don't have access to toilets in the world. says this lady's to unhealthy situation often costing lives. so gates foundation pledges 42 million dollars in grant to spur innovation. he says toilets need to be inexpensive and recycle the energy mineral an water used in the process. gates hopes new version could hit markets in the developing world in around three years time. >> new technology known as personalize knee replacement is promising quicker recovery time from surgery unlike traditional jount replace many the implant are custom mid for each patien
9:44 pm
patient. health science reporter carolyn johnson has the story. >> as she strolls along the monterey shoreline joan weaver enjoying far more than the view. >> i thought that's not possible. i'm not going to have pain free knee ever again. but i do. >> let's see you bill clinton. >>reporter: she had been suffering severe pain in her left knee for more than a year. one option would have been a total knee replacement but surgeon dr. richard dawson suggested a less invasive approach. partial knee replacement using a custom made cap designed to match the exact dimension of the damaged area. >> if only part of the is hurt before it's a much bigger operation to replace all of the l knee so this is the bone on bone immediateal compartment of that one knee. >>reporter: x-ray reveal most of the deterioration was on the inside edge of joan's left kne knee. to create the cap l the doctor first performed a 3d mri and transmitted it to the
9:45 pm
company that provided this animation. using sophisticated software the company shape size and fab ri indicates the replacement along with custom jig to help the surgeon attach it correctly. >> it fits exactly on the bone of that patient. it is curve so it fits no one else. >> manufacturer says the custom design results in tighter mr. efficient joint but data still being collected in ongoing clinical trial so at this point there is no evidence that the new technology gives patients better long-term outcome than competing ones. still dr. dawson says placing the smaller did he vase using the pre-fabricated jig is much quicker and produces less trauma than traditional knee replace many. >> with whole knee replacement you always remove ligament, acl or many cases both the anterior and post your but you don't remove any ligament sought knee has about you can generally get normal motion back.
9:46 pm
>>reporter: jonas joan was able to return to full-time work in about 9 weeks. she's now looking forward to pushing her limits even further. >> getting back out there walking hiking i do a little bit of horseback riding the things that i haven't been able to do. >>reporter: pl carolyn johnson reporting. new replace rment typically covered by insurance and because the surgery less invasive doctors say cost can actually be lower than some older technology. quite promising. coming up. get fainted for driving and texting you know that but what about walking and text sning. >> they call it the nagging effect. just ahead exactly how men benefit from being married. stay with us. news at 9:00 men benefit from being married. stay with us. news at 9:00 continues
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saz sxz. >> see people doing it all the time these days walking and texting along. one city doing its best to keep pedestrians focus. philadelphia has new program that targets bad behavior on the city thoroughfare. that means they are going after distracted pedestrians and sidewalk cyclist. for now officials are handing out safety guides and warnings about citations. no finding yet but when the time comes, culprit have to pay 120 dollars for not paying attention. people doing it all the time. every possible
9:50 pm
situation. let's go back up date the forecast now with spencer here with the pl experience. >> oh, yes. time for weather. is that put the texting down. >> here we good. there we good. satellite radar composite image shows high pressure building in. this is going to sweep away our coastal fog bring us nice sunny skies in very warm weather tomorrow. we start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock at night and see just a little bit of coastal fog and things slow to move here. there we good. a little bit of coastal fog clinging to areas south of us but swept away by early morning sunny sky from his coast inland area tomorrow. high pressure range upper 60's near the coast to mid 90's in the warmest inland location and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. mid 90's tomorrow and thursday inland. low to mid 80's mid 60's on the coast and then we start to cool down sunday monday 2 coolest day in the forecast. about 58 on the coast. >> very nice.
9:51 pm
>> i'm finance issued. >> thank you very much. >> benefit to having wives who nag apparently. new study by canadian researchers find married men have better health than single men. and they credit wives who remind or nag their husband about keeping their doctor appointment. researchers say that on average married heart attack victim arrive at the hospital half hour earlier than those who are not married. another heart bone us for married men women tend to check with their doctors tl for medical advice about their husbands. there we good. we should all be grateful. larry here what about nagging sportscaster. >> this persistent reminding about redoing the kitchen is that beneficial to my health. >> it's exercise. >> reminding about the trash. >> it's healthy. >> back up from the minor and l doesn't disappoint in the first at bat. hero late in the game
9:52 pm
doesn't disappoint in the first at bat. hero late in the game as well. sports is next.
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> weird picture for you. girs sending water 100 feat into the air. coming up tonight at 1 11:00. what it took to shut this thing down. what a mess it made. >> and we are just days away from a real dilemma. how ballots in congress could shut down the agency that keeps our skies safe. those stories and more coming up in 1 hour on 7 news at 11:00. hope you will gin us for that. but now mr. beall is here and we have suck if i nagged him during the commercial break to do the the
9:55 pm
sports. >> encourage. you encourage. >> yes. exactly. giants gm talk about incentive brian kno knows the giants need moro fence. lucky to be 15 games over 500. they acquire infiel infielder jeff for a couple minor leaguer to replace injured miguel today. they called up brandon bell for tonight's game with the dodger dodgers. giant fans happy to see him back. they want the bell. opening series. belted first contrary home run and here in the second inning tonight. first at bat being recalled. deep against him if rose a.gone. giants in a flash. la to madison in the third. rafael wraps one bank the middle. dodgers take a lead. good stuff in the fourth. watch the sweatshirt the girl gets the ball he gets nothing and doesn't like it one bit. oh, my. looks to dad and says i had it. pouting. and dad says you didn't have it. she got it. sorry. but the pouty face look at. that well
9:56 pm
the giants classy they come through and they give him a baseball and the world is a wonderful place. even more wonderful back to the game. 3-3 in the seventh. bell again double down the left field lin line. torrez. burris and the giants now leading 5-3. they are in the 9th inning. >> with the a's firmly on their way to no where in particular there is talk that the team may trade leading home run hitter to pittsburgh and not in the line up against detroit. interdisaster in the fourth for scott. look out. if almost got one in the chop from rick. instead he it clips and he had to leave the game. carlos. base hit to right. counter jackson does not make plate here. martinez running hard from first. about if l david comes up throwing out at the plate but martinez gets his hand around the tag. just fan
9:57 pm
takes ticket even though suzuki not happy. a up in the fifth. that's when things go terribly wrong. miguel pl 2 run bomb to left. detroit opens it up with 6 runs in the frame. and they go on to beat the a's 8-3. scott size more lucky. travis buck not. took a fast ball in the head tonight in the indian twins game. pitcher l beaned the former athletic with a 91 miles per hour fast ball. ball ricochetting off the helmet and in the stands. he was dazed. walked off with some assistance there. the twins won the game 2-1. nfl labor talk kind of like the old slowly i turn step by step. inch by inch. slowly they get close to a de-niagara falls. talks continue. if you are like under 40 and have no idea what i'm talking about. there is going to be some compromise on the lawsuit filed by players like tom brady and
9:58 pm
manning relating to anti-trust issues but once that happens momentum continues training camp will open soon. former cal bear and current washington red skin alexander wants to get that camp. >> been a long time coming because a lot of people hurting not just players and owners. my mom works at stadium back in oakland so people like that been affected. business. hotel so i'm glad able to get something done to really help this economy out. >> we are used to knocking each other in the head by now. and item kind of weird you miss those things. miss knocking each other in the head. we want to play football. that's it. >> now the nfl situation much better than the nba. nb a lock out you talk to people they think could it wipe out half the season. yet ultimate display of optimism the league announced the schedule today. jackson were your open at home should there be a season. on to the tour de france. check out the tongue action by
9:59 pm
thomas. i worked for jordan for years. stage 16. 3 time champ many finally on the offensive. making up ground on the two main rival. sound like evil twin. the claim then the descent. rainy slick conditions. him if thor won it in the finish. rain expected to end in the next few days and we finance wish poor etiquette. him if reversing on the penalty kick and friendly against lebanon. he scores. and this thing is eating up the internet hear. 4 million i don't know heather. but kind of poor sports manship. >> show boating. >> too far. thank you larry very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on coffee tv 20 for larry, spencer, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time and hope to see you ag

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